Better Mental Health for the Next Generation

To say that the pandemic has been difficult on young people is an understatement. With the return of in-person schooling, many students are now facing new obstacles – but because of you, they don’t have to face those obstacles alone.

The Mental Health Intervention Program in the Schools program is entirely funded by donations. This program focuses on removing barriers to optimal well-being and mental health for students by placing a licensed social worker on campus during the school day to counsel students in need. This program strives to serve the academic and socio-emotional goals of the students at Anacortes High School, Cap Sante High School, and Anacortes Middle school, helping students improve their attendance, academic performance and behavior.

Because of your charitable donations, high school students in your community have access to social workers that are in the schools with them. Increased and easy access to a social worker can fast-track getting students the mental health resources they need. More than ever, your generosity is providing the support and increasing access for students through the counseling services they can receive with through this program.

Rachel Daly, BSN, RN, Island Health’s Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Clinic Manager says;

“The fall of 2021 school year brought many challenges as the pandemic continued. However, the School Intervention Plan team has effectively collaborated with Anacortes School District staff to develop new protocols, enhance training, increased access to specialized care, and plan for a brighter future. With our donor support, the collaborating teams are expanding services to include group therapy, suicide prevention, education, and training, as well as developing avenues for student mentorship. Our donors’ generous gifts continue to provide the foundation for fostering strong community relationships that improve the mental health of the Anacortes School District students.”

Thank you for your unprecedented generosity that prioritizes access to mental health resources to give students in your community the opportunity to thrive