Crisis Support in the Emergency Department

Imagine an Emergency Department (ED). In one room there is an elderly man visiting after his third ground-level fall. In another room there is a preteen girl experiencing a mental health crisis. Across the hall is another patient who is struggling with addiction. The patient in the neighboring room is realizing they will need long-term care as they recover.

What do all of these people have in common? They are all impacted by your generosity.

The Emergency Department is staffed with Patient Navigators like Lauren Niven, MSW. The ED Patient Navigator is a social work position and is funded by philanthropy dollars, which means that every time a patient visits the ED they are impacted by your financial giving.

This position is available to every person who needs care in the ED. While many people arrive at the ED with an acute physical need, increasingly some ED patients have social and emotional needs that require additional attention and treatment. Your support for this position enables social workers, like Lauren, to connect patients to the right mental health, care-planning, housing, drug, alcohol and other resources.

In 2021*, over 646 patients received a consult from an ED Patient Navigator thanks to you. That means that 646 times, over the course of a year, patients have received critical support and resources to assist them so they discharge with a plan to reduce return visits. Thank you for your courageous and transformative giving – you are changing lives.

*These numbers are a reflection of year-to-date values as of 12/8/2021