Diabetes: Cause for Celebration?

Celebration is rarely synonymous with diabetes. But, your generosity has given those diagnosed with diabetes in your community reasons to celebrate.

Did you know that 10% of the US population has diabetes and nearly 35% of the adult population are pre-diabetic? So when Mary Beth Robinson, MS, RD/LD, CDE, was hired in 2017, she set out to bring back the Diabetes Education Program and empower those in your community with diabetes make lifestyle modifications, ultimately improving their quality of life. To do this, however, Robinson needed funding to establish an accredited program.

Through your financial support, Robinson was able to receive additional training, as well as purchase educational materials for program participants. Following the guidelines set out by the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists, the program was officially accredited in June 2019 and the first patients enrolled in October. Now that’s something to celebrate!

The program entails group lectures, interactive sessions, and one-on-one meetings to empower patients to effectively manage their own diabetes. Patients who join the program work with Robinson to create a personal plan based on individual needs or concerns that focuses on seven self-care behaviors as a framework for health, including healthy eating, physical activity, blood glucose monitoring, taking medication, problem solving, healthy coping, and reducing risks.

Patients’ health has been positively impacted by the program. Most patients have met or surpassed goals in all seven self-care behavior areas. Another reason to celebrate! “Whether the goal is to lower A1C by 1 point or 3, lose 5 pounds or 50, I celebrate it all,” says Robinson. “No matter what the goal is, when it’s reached, I celebrate.”

Better health is always something to celebrate and you have given those with diabetes in your community the opportunity to celebrate better health and improve their quality of life!

Do you or a loved one have diabetes? Ask your doctor for a referral today!

Special Thanks

Thank you Anacortes Lions Club for your generous grant in
support of the Diabetes Education Program.