You can help make a difference right now for those in pain. By participating in our Holiday Matching Program, you can double your impact through a $50,000 matching grant from the Island Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. Your participation will ensure quality care is accessible right here in Anacortes.

“With my neck issues, I felt like I was a bobble head,” shares Sheila Saul as she reminisces about her series of several surgeries. Sheila inherited arthritis from both sides of her family which led to the development of chronic pain and limited mobility. To ease her pain, Sheila underwent a hip replacement surgery in 2015 on her right hip and on her left hip in 2016.

Not long after her hip replacements, Sheila began to experience excruciating back pain to the point she was scrunched over and could not stand upright. Although she was relieved to learn her back pain was not caused by her hip replacement surgeries, Sheila was disheartened to learn that a herniated disc in her back would require a third surgery.

Fast forward several months, Sheila had a fourth surgery this past June to remedy additional pain, this time in her upper back.

These kinds of surgeries require the constant updating of our medical technology and facilities to ensure the best possible results for patients. By participating in our Holiday Matching Program, you can help make that possible.

“I’ve had four surgeries in only four years,” Sheila says without lament. The care Sheila received from her doctors and surgical team has kept a smile on her face and positivity in her outlook. As a frequent patient, few know better than Sheila about the premier care provided at Island Hospital. Sheila has since become a vocal advocate for the hospital, often telling others about the care she received during her journey to a pain-free life.

Taking advantage of the Holiday Matching Program’s dollar-for-dollar match of the first $50,000 donated will help keep Island Hospital up-to-date with the newest technologies and finest equipment so that people like Sheila, your family, and your friends will receive the best possible care when they need it most.