Local community member, Tracy, is not your typical case – but who really is? She had normal cholesterol; low blood pressure; avoided taking medications; and is a vegetarian – so it was quite a surprise when she thought she pulled a muscle and it turned out she was actually having a heart attack!


Heart attacks in women can manifest themselves differently than men. Her daughter noticed she looked pale and gray and brought her in to Island Hospital. Tracy said, “The Emergency Department was on it and knew exactly what to do. They were quick, efficient, and helped her stay positive.”

During her recovery, Dr. Hogge closely monitored her as she participated in the Cardio & Pulmonary Rehabilitation program twice a week. She felt safe pushing herself because the team is so professional and reliable. “Courtney and everyone in the gym are like one big family. When you walk in, you feel like you’re on the set of an episode of Cheers.”

“My biggest takeaway is that women take care of so many others and often forget to take care of themselves. It’s okay to say no sometimes and focus a little time on yourself and your own well-being.”

Tracy said she is so thankful for the (Foundation supported) community health screenings offered at the Health Resource Center and for having an Emergency Department so close to home that took such great care of her. Your gifts have made it possible to offer more than 106 free & low cost preventative health screenings and assistance to those needing therapy after a heart attack or experiencing breathing issues (Cardio Pulmonary Rehab).

Tracy is happy to be back helping her daughter by caring for her grandchildren. “I wake up grateful to be alive and thinking it’s going to be a great day.”