The Island Hospital Therapy Dog Program has been bringing PAWSitivity and PUPtacular support to patients and staff and the Anacortes School District since 2015. Why? Studies have shown there are BONE-fide health and wellness benefits of animal-assisted therapy, activities and education, including lowering one’s blood pressure.

We’ll BARK to that!

Currently, five registered Therapy Dog teams UNLEASH on Island Hospital to visit patients in Acute Care, participants at the Blood Pressure Screenings, and staff during Employee Wellness activities. (Well, the dogs are not literally unleashed. They follow very strict training and hygiene protocols.)

“Many patients are excited to mentally escape their hospital setting for a moment while enjoying the therapy dog’s visit,” shares Julie McKee, Island Hospital Health Resource Coordinator.

The program has been steadily growing and would like to SNIFF OUT other areas of the hospital. Because of your financial support, or “dalmatians” should we say, the foundation Board FETCHED a grant to assist in the certification of two additional Therapy Dog teams so that more patients can benefit from this ultiMUTT service. Thank you FUR ensuring patients, and students alike, will get to delight in the infectious joy only a therapy dog can bring.