Just recently shouts from graduation cheers could be heard! For some, the path was smooth arriving to this day. For others, rough and sometimes near impossible.

Can you imagine being 13 years old and not having anyone to talk to about problems at home, burdened by a parent struggling with anxiety and debt, who doesn’t notice if you go to school or not. Throughout high school, this student needed not only to manage rigorous school work but a full time job to pay family living expenses and debt obligations.

Your support of Island Hospital Foundation’s mental health therapy program in the schools, allowed a student just like this one to receive the assistance they needed to cope. You provided a shoulder to lean on.

“I have done this program since I was in middle school and it has helped me a lot. It is nice to have someone to talk to and share how I feel. They should continue to fund this program because sometimes when I didn’t have a friend or parent to talk to. I knew I had some at school that would listen.”

This student not only graduated but will be attending college with a full ride scholarship. This happy new beginning would have never happened without your care.  You saved a life and opened a door to a future!

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