Funding Priorities

Mental & Behavioral Heath Programs

Quality healthcare includes caring for one’s mental, emotional and behavioral wellbeing. Your support of mental health services at Island Health will make a meaningful impact every day. Not only does your gift provide Island Health with the critical resources to address the rising mental health needs of your community, it also supports the staff and programs that intervene during mental health crises.

Each of these programs are critical to meeting the growing need for mental health services. Through these programs, your friends and loved ones can receive the care and resources they need to address and overcome social-emotional issues.

Mental Health Schools Intervention Program, this innovative partnership with Island Health Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Department and the Anacortes School District, removes barriers to care by placing licensed Island Health social workers in Anacortes High School, Cap Sante High School and Anacortes Middle School to help students receive the crucial mental health support they need right on campus. These social workers are available to all students, regardless of their insurance. Focusing on academic and socio-emotional learning targets, students work with Island Health social workers weekly or biweekly on a personalized care plan to optimize wellbeing. Students also receive access to related, wrap-around services as needed.

Social Workers in the Emergency Department In 2020, two social workers were placed in the Emergency Department (ED) to address the increasing instances of behavioral health crises, substance abuse and elder care issues. These two social work positions are present because of your philanthropy. During a consultation, ED social workers work with patients to create a plan that empowers the patient to utilize various community resources to overcome their current crisis and prevent return visits to the Emergency Department after discharge. This program is available to any patient who visits the ED at Island Hospital.

Mental Health Greatest Need fund The mental and behavioral health needs of your community is ever changing. Crisis, trauma, the unknown can happen at any moment. Supporting mental health ensures the sustainability of these vital programs and enables Island Health to respond quickly to your community’s most pressing behavioral health needs.