Why support IHF?

Why are donations needed?

The healthcare system in the U.S. is complex and often obscures the financial realities and challenges of the hospital industry today. By supporting the Island Health Foundation, you make it possible for Island Health to:

Replace equipment with top-notch upgrades and add new life-saving technologies.

These upgrades and additions allow your loved ones, neighbors and friends to have local access to diagnostic and treatment capabilities that increase positive patient outcomes. The cost of these upgrades and additional technologies are not always factored into the operational cost of care. Your gift ensures that your community has access to life-saving technology, close to home.

Sustain a standard of award-winning care and services regardless of insurance reimbursement.

Government insurance programs like Medicare, Medicaid and TriCare often provide reimbursement rates that are lower than the actual cost of needed patient services. Reimbursement rates from the government and private insurers are rising much slower than the cost of labor, supply and drug expenses. Your support makes it possible for Island Health to balance the cost of operations while still providing courageous care to every patient. Your gift fills the gap to ensure care remains close to home.

Through philanthropic gifts like yours, Island Health continues to be able to provide leading-edge care to your loved ones and neighbors.