A 38th Anniversary Gone Wrong, but Made Better by Island Health

“I fell off a 20-foot cliff!” shares Greg Kleven.

“It was surreal,” his wife Marlene added, “I was at the top yelling down, ‘Can you move your legs?’”

Being airlifted with worries of broken bones and internal bleeding was not the 38th anniversary imagined by this local Anacortes couple.

“This was the most traumatic experience of my lifetime. Island Hospital made it easier because there were no barriers to care. I walked in with Greg’s scan and said, ‘I need help’ and they helped me!”

While in surgery to fix Greg’s arm, Marlene found everyone to be kind and professional. “From the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the nurses and the staff, everyone did exactly what they said they would do.”

After recounting the entire ordeal, Marlene, a retired registered nurse said, “If you think this is just a local hospital, think again. It is first class medical care.”

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