One thing leads to another, but who would have thought a toothache would lead to a heart attack? This is Island Hospital volunteer Pam Birchfield’s story. After complaining of a toothache, Pam’s grandson escorted her to her physician who then referred them to the Emergency Room where doctors discovered Pam was having a heart attack.

Pam was grateful for the attention and care given her by the medical staff, but soon became discouraged when she learned her insurance would not cover the rehabilitation therapy her doctors were prescribing.

This is where you enter her story.

Your financial contributions subsidized the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services Pam’s insurance would not cover. You made sure that the therapy needed for a full recovery was not only available to Pam, but available to the extent her doctors thought best.

Since completing cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, Pam has been able to return to volunteering twice a week in our Merle Cancer Care Center. Pam is very grateful that your support made it possible for her to go to therapy so that she can continue to care for cancer patients – holding their hands, giving warm blankets, providing a snack (or two) and saying her signature greeting, “It’s good to see you.”