Empowering the Community with Health Education Classes

Class is in session! Donations made in support of the Health Education Program at Island Health are playing a crucial role in promoting community well-being and preventing future health problems by ensuring that health education remains accessible for your community.

Health education classes are providing individuals with valuable knowledge about various aspects of health, including nutrition, exercise, disease prevention, and managing chronic conditions. These low to no-cost classes are equipping patients with the information and skills they need to make informed decisions about their health and are empowering them to lead healthier lives. Each class is taught by Island Health experts, providing you and your loved ones with insight from local healthcare professionals.

As of June of this year, your support has ensured that 48 health education classes were offered to your community, totaling 492 total participants!

Each month, Island Health offers 7-10 educational opportunities like:

  • Parenting Support Classes
  • Healthy Digestion Classes
  • Food Facts: Beyond the Label
  • Hypertension Prevention Series
  • Childhood Trauma’s Effect on Health

Health Education Specialist, Kess Nelson, gets an inside look at the impact health education has on the community.

The Health Education Program is a form of tangible primary prevention. Meaning that through the programs we offer, we are empowering those in our community to learn and engage in behaviors to prevent the onset of disease. We focus teaching digestible and practical information to improve health and quality of life that folks can easily implement into their lives. When that information clicks and they realize, ‘Yes! I can do that,’ it makes my day.

Your philanthropic support makes it possible for your loved ones, neighbors and friends to say “Yes! I can do that to improve my health too.”