Hope in Many Forms for Cancer Patients

Hope comes in all shapes and sizes for those battling cancer. For some, hope is found in something as small as a kind note. For others, hope lies in hearing the word, ‘remission.’

You have given hope in many forms to local cancer patients through Oncology Medical Relief grants which help offset costs associated with medical supplies, medications, transportation, counseling and other needs that arise because of a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer treatment can affect all aspects of life. It is often a total disruption – family life, employment, community involvement, activity, are all affected. Some cancer patients feel too ill to go to work. Not being able to work or working less than normal makes paying for food, gas or basic utility bills difficult. Even affording medication can be a challenge for some patients which is why your provision of extra financial assistance is so important!

The need ranges from one cancer patient to another. We’d like to introduce you to a few patients whom you have given hope. (Names changed to protect patient confidentiality.)

Teresa was a young mother with two young children at home. Her husband had a good job, but barely made enough to support the family. When she received the news that she had stage 4 breast cancer, her world was turned upside down. Treatment wouldn’t be easy. Her doctor thought an oral chemotherapy treatment would be the best course of action. But, to qualify for the chemo pills, she needed approval from her dentist. Paying for the dental appointment was an unforeseen cost. It add to her financial struggles, during her dental appointment she learned she needed a tooth pulled. She couldn’t afford to have dental work done and pay for the chemotherapy that could save her life. You helped pay for her needed dental appointments.

In the middle of his cancer treatment, Ron received an emergency shut off notice because he couldn’t afford to pay his electric bill. You ensured Ron could keep his lights on.

Susan was distraught because she couldn’t afford cleaning supplies. A clean environment is vital during cancer treatment because many develop compromised immune systems. Your generosity provided the necessary supplies to maintain a clean home environment.

At one point in his treatment, Steve was too weak to walk from his home to the hospital for an appointment. You paid for a taxi service to take him to and from his appointment so that he could continue his treatment without disruption.

Your immense generosity for those fighting cancer in your community provided hope in the form of financial support. This hope not only served as tangible help, but as a source of encouragement as well.