Updating equipment is vital to staying on the leading edge of the medical field. You made it possible to purchase several pieces of new technology and critical equipment upgrades last year, some which are featured here:


New Ultrasound Machine: This new machine for the Emergency Department provides high resolution images. These images are used in many trauma cases, are needed when placing an IV or central line, and are helpful when looking for causes of bleeding, at an abscess and more. This upgrade preserves the standard of care required in an Emergency Department.


New Operating Table:
“This new table offers patient positioning options that we did not have before, allowing optimal positioning for certain complex surgeries. It also offers easier placement of radiology equipment needed during surgery. Both of these factors decrease surgery and anesthesia times for our patients.” – Gayle Littlejohn, RN BSN MBA, Director of Surgical Services 


New Rapid-Infusion Pumps: This new pump technology rapidly delivers fluids and blood into the patient’s body resulting in faster and better care for patients being treated in the Emergency Department.


10 New Gurneys: It’s not uncommon for patients to be moved from one area of care to another for testing or additional treatment. These new gurneys do more than carefully transport patients to applicable areas of care. Upgraded features, such as stirrups for pelvic exams, electronic patient controls on the bedrails, hydraulic assist lift, and a new braking system enhance the staff’s ability to treat and transport patients safely and effectively.


New Breast Coil for the MRI Machine:  To further enhance Island Hospital’s capabilities in the area of women’s health, your financial support provided funds for a new Breast Coil for the MRI machine. The coil is designed specifically to aid in the study of high-density breast tissue or abnormalities. This is valuable in nearly all stages of suspected breast cancer from screening and diagnosis to follow up after treatment. “The new breast coil means that many women do not have to undergo unnecessary biopsies,” shares Ray Ould, CNMT, Director of Diagnostic Imaging.


New to Merle Cancer Care Center
Your donations made it possible to upgrade vital equipment that improves patient outcomes. You provided funds for: nine new chemo infusion chairs equipped with remote controlled leg and back adjustments for patient comfort; new IV pumps with the ability to run pre-medication concurrently which reduces treatment times for cancer patients; additional computer-on-wheels units that empower nurses to more efficiently care for patients; and an AccuVein device which helps nurses identify those hard-to-find veins.