Funding Priorities

Innovative Technology & Equipment

With each new piece of equipment, with each new technology upgrade, you not only empower Island Health medical teams to be the best healthcare partner for those they serve, but you also enhance patient outcomes. That is why new technology and equipment is so important.

Depending on the device, new technology can improve the healing process through smaller surgical incision sites that lead to faster recoveries or a less invasive procedure that results in a shorter hospital stay. Your provision of new technology and equipment also removes barriers to care by enabling patients to receive leading-edge care in their home community. Bottom line? Your support of the New Technology & Equipment fund will have a direct and meaningful impact on the patients, their families, and the medical teams here at Island Health.

Tech On Wheels

Have you HERD about the COWs? Did you know that life-saving technology is hidden in plain sight throughout Island Health? At the end of 2021,

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Let’s Talk about TECH

When most people hear “rural hospital” their minds don’t immediately think of leading-edge technology, until now. In 2021, your giving supported the purchase of technology

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