Let’s Talk about TECH

When most people hear “rural hospital” their minds don’t immediately think of leading-edge technology, until now. In 2021, your giving supported the purchase of technology that elevated care and improved patient outcomes for your community.

The Soltive SuperPulsed Laser System
This incredible machine combines three separate pieces of technology into one high-powered, portable and precise tool. The Soltive Laser is used to remove kidney stones, resect soft tissue and treat BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) with greater accuracy. This laser has improved outcomes for those suffering from kidney stones. By blasting the stone with a high-powered laser, the Soltive Laser removes the barrier of painful stone passing.

Because of your generosity, 32 patients received treatment for kidney stones with this laser since its purchase in the second half of 2021 alone. Island Urology Clinic Supervisor, Don Orton, CMA, commented, saying that “Treatment is so quick and painless and the lives of patients that have received care with this procedure have been so deeply affected in a positive way.” Thank you!

Portable Vital Sign Monitors
Every patient requires the undivided attention of their care team. In order to do that, efficiencies become vital. Traditional vital sign monitors are stationary to one room, meaning that a patient’s vital signs are monitored from that room and a nurse’s station. Until now.

Your support has allowed for the purchase of 15 portable vital sign monitors that allow nurses to take and monitor vital signs for multiple patients from one portable machine. A portable vital sign monitor allows nurses to constantly monitor their patients and react with faster responses times to changes in vital signs.

Above all else, your support of innovative technology increases positive patient outcomes, but innovative technology also increases the support of staff in your local hospital. Throughout the pandemic, the heroes in healthcare have risen to the challenge of caring for patients safely and compassionately. Your generosity has made it possible for your community’s healthcare heroes to be equipped with the technology that elevates their care for their patients.