Early Sunday morning, Joanne stepped out for a walk while her partner Pete made breakfast. She let her mind wander while she walked thinking of things she needed from the store, the goods she needed to bake for the Farmer’s Market, and how delicious breakfast would be… then she fell.

There was a snap – she broke something. She made her way back home and within minutes Pete had her in the emergency room at Island Hospital. The staff quickly placed her in a room and examined her carefully being mindful of her comfort. When it was necessary to move her hand for x-rays, the technicians were quick and gentle. While waiting for the results, the ER Doctor checked in multiple times to be sure she was at ease and comfortable. 

Her fears were soon realized, she would need a cast for a few weeks followed by a brace and physical therapy. She immediately thought of her business. How could she knead dough or keep up with production? The Island Hospital staff kept her calm and gave her the resources she needed to continue her care beyond of the emergency room.

That’s when Joanne says it hit her, “They didn’t just care about what was happening to me while I was there, but they cared about what happened to me next, too. It’s a true comfort to know that when life happens we have Island Hospital here to care for us.”

Thank you for ensuing we have quality and compassionate care close to home!