Started & Sustained: Cardiopulmonary Rehab

From its inception in 2003, philanthropy has played a significant role in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation care at Island Health. 

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation assists patients as they work to rebuild or improve their cardiac and/or respiratory function following a major health event, like a heart attack or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease diagnosis. Through education, structured exercise and support from their care team, patients receive the help they need to recover close to home.

In 2003 our local community donated the funds needed to start the construction of the Cardiopulmonary Gym at Island Health. Prior to 2003, when patients needed cardiac or pulmonary rehab, they had to travel for 45 minutes or more to receive care at another facility. Since its doors opened in 2005, over 36,000 cardiac rehabilitation visits have occurred. In 2012, pulmonary rehabilitation services were added, resulting in an additional 14,184 visits and counting.

From its construction in 2003 to its continued services today, over 50,000 visits have been conducted because of philanthropic support.

Left to right: Cecilia Guajardo, ACSM-EP | Cardio & Pulmonary Rehab Director, Sarah Edwards, RRT | Kim Merrill, RN BSN, CCRP.
In front of plaque commemorating the donors who supported the initial efforts to start the cardiopulmonary clinic.