Supporting Diagnostic Technologies Saves Lives: The Story of Jay Saxon

It started with a head injury. Jay Saxon, an active Anacortes resident, had been working in his yard when he passed out, fell and hit his head against a large rock. He was taken to the Island Health Emergency Department and kept overnight for observation.

Following his fall, Saxon recalls strange things began to happen. He was experiencing difficulty walking and even fell at his desk after standing up. Concerned, he made a follow up appointment with his primary care physician, Dr. Stephen Horras, who ordered a CT scan of Saxon’s brain. Upon receiving the results, Dr. Horras urgently called Saxon and asked him to come back to the clinic for immediate review.

Dr. Horras explained that the scan showed Saxon had a bleed in his brain and would need immediate surgery to stop the bleed and ultimately save his life.

Without the access to diagnostic imaging, like a CT Scan, valuable time would have been lost when diagnosing Saxon’s brain bleed, possibly resulting in permanent damage.

Access to diagnostic technologies is a vital component of healthcare. It allows doctors to see what is going on inside the body which provides information needed to determine the next step in one’s care. When time is of the essence, immediate imaging can save lives, lead to faster, more accurate care, and reduce the probably of a patient needing to be transferred, wasting precious minutes.

Island Health Foundation’s 20th Annual Gala of Hope, Emerald Ever After, on Saturday, April 29th will dedicate funds raised through the Heartstrings Appeal to Diagnostic Technologies. With diagnostic technological advancements changing rapidly, funds raised will keep 5-star care at Island Health on the leading edge.

In addition to supporting the diagnostic technologies, proceeds from the Gala of Hope will sustain funding for mental and behavioral health support programs, community health education programs, including diabetes education, relief grants for cancer patients, and more.

Guests are invited to roar, flap or find their way into 1920s Speakeasy attire as they dine with friends, bid on carefully curated auction items, and raise their paddle high in support of Diagnostic Technologies at Island Health during this one-of-a-kind experience.

“Dr. Horras saved my life,” claims Saxon. Diagnostic technology enabled Dr. Horras to have the information needed to save Saxon’s life. By supporting Diagnostic Technologies, you too can save a life.