The Weight of Your Impact

In the past year, a record breaking number of babies have been born at Island Hospital.

Families are traveling all the way from Oak Harbor, the San Juan Islands and beyond to have their babies born right here, in your hospital, because of the level of care that they receive here. Thanks to your generous giving, a Tanita BD-815U Neonatal/Lactation Baby Scale was purchased to support the lactation program. 

The lactation program educates and supports new mothers who are breastfeeding their newborns by offering consultative support, teaching and monitoring. This program is especially helpful for premature and low-weight babies who need to put on more weight. A crucial aspect of this program is the ability to measure how much milk intake a baby is receiving during feeding. This is done through the scale that your giving purchased. By weighing a baby before and after feeding to measure the intake amounts, Island Hospital providers can give the best care to the tiniest patients.

Island Hospital lactation consultant, Teri Shilling MS, LCCE, IBCLC, said, “We really appreciate your support! The scale is such an integral tool for the families we work with” and she’s right! Your support is making it possible for nursing mothers and newborns to receive the best care possible, with the best doctors, equipped with the best tools. Thank you for supporting the technology that makes a big impact on the smallest patients at Island Hospital.

Thank you for your continued support of technological advances at Island Hospital. It is because of your giving that your community is receiving high-quality care, with the best leading-edge technology