This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Health

We have some life-saving news. If you send in a gift before December 31 you can double your impact thanks to a generous $50,000 dollar for-dollar-match. When you give a gift, you will help sick, hurting or injured people in your community receive the best local medical care when they need it most.

Emily wanted to live. Let us tell you how your giving changes the lives of people like Emily.

Emily was 25 and had just moved to Skagit County after graduating from college. One day when she was at work, she passed out. After going to a clinic in her area, she was told she was just dehydrated and had anxiety. She had no idea that visits to the doctor would become a new normal for her.

Emily’s local clinic diagnosed her with severe anxiety and dehydration. Even after losing 35 pounds in one month and passing out in her driveway, the clinic staff stuck to their diagnosis. Her condition continued to worsen. She was unable to keep food or water down. She kept losing weight. She couldn’t sit up without help. Something was wrong. But Emily was lucky, her roommate and her aunt told her to visit Island Hospital for her care immediately. And Emily was glad they did, because the care at Island Hospital would save her life.

This Holiday Season, you can help patients like Emily receive life-saving medical services and topnotch care in your community. We are thrilled to tell you that because of generous matching funds, the first $50,000 donated before December 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar. If you send in a donation before December 31, your donation could have TWICE the impact.

By the time Emily switched her care to Island Hospital she was exhausted and depressed. Months of not being able to eat, drink or do the simple things like sitting up without help were taking their toll. She would visit the emergency department to get fluids often. Sometimes more than once a week. She was hopeless and her mental health was in a dark place. She needed emotional support in addition to a medical diagnosis.

Island Hospital staff went above and beyond to help her and her family. “It was amazing. They really wanted to know how I was handling the medication.” Emily’s doctor or nurse would call her every week to make sure a new anti-nausea medication was working. They also would ask how Emily was doing. “I felt like they were ‘with me’ through it all.”

Will you send in a donation to help patients, and their families who need emotional support as well as medical care? When you give a gift, you not only provide immediate medical care for those in your community, you can also provide emotional support for those who need quality healthcare close to home.

When Emily began seeing her doctor at Island Hospital, her doctors knew they had to move fast. They immediately recognized that she had something far more severe than dehydration and anxiety. They ordered CT scans, MRI’s, blood work, endoscopies and more.

Being close to home made a huge difference. Emily had moved to Anacortes a few months after her symptoms started. Eventually, Emily was unable to drive. Being close to the hospital made it possible for her aunt and roommate to get her to appointments in between work hours.

By making your donation by midnight on December 31st, you can ensure that your neighbors, like Emily, their families, your family and your friends have access to local, dedicated medical professionals and state-of-the-art services in times of medical crisis and beyond.

Patients like Emily need answers fast! Emily came to Island Hospital because of the exceptional staff and advanced technology. With unique symptoms, she needed expert healthcare. She got that at Island Hospital.

Will you help patients receive expert healthcare? When you donate, your gift supports the health programs and leading-edge technology that allows Island Hospital doctors to diagnose patients who need care -fast!

This time of year, we often reflect on what we are grateful for. Our health and the health of loved ones is often at the top of the list. We ask you to give that gift – the gift of health and support– to someone and their family today.

Please consider making a donation before December 31. You can go online or send in the enclosed card and make a gift in the amount that’s right for you. Please do it now while you are thinking about it.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy Holiday Season.


James Tangaro
Foundation Board President

Janie Crane
Foundation Executive Director

P.S. DOUBLE your impact by sending in a gift before December 31. During the Holiday Season the first $50,000 donated will be matched dollar-for-dollar!