A Breath of Fresh Air

A distinguished ophthalmologist who worked at Island Hospital for 34 years, Dr. Chambers’ compassionate care and expertise endeared him to countless patients. But, his impact goes well beyond the examination room, and with over 50 years of service as a Rotarian, he continues to make a mark on the health and well-being of Anacortes. In […]

Breathe Life into Local Healthcare: A Call to Support Lung and Pulmonology Services

At 41 years old, Commander Dave Harris, was preparing for a practice flight to Fallon, CA with the VAQ 132 Squadron on NAS Whidbey. It was December 16, 2016 and due to a technical malfunction, the cockpit of his EA-18G Growler suddenly pressurized with no release, collapsing his lungs. Both of Commander Harris’ lungs had […]

Emergency Services Project Dollar-For-Dollar Match Results

When an anonymous local community member received life-saving care at the Island ED, they were so grateful for their care that they decided to make a difference. Together, your gift and this grateful patient’s dollar-for-dollar match raised over $51,850 during September to support the Emergency Services Project at Island Health. Your support is transforming emergency […]

A Big Impact At The Center of Healthcare

Thanks to the upgraded diagnostic technology purchased with over $382,000 ‘Heartstrings’ funds raised at the 2023 Gala of Hope, philanthropy is making a powerful impact on the quality of healthcare services available in your community. What began with the raising of a paddle is now providing: High Resolution Mammography MRI Patient Monitor Trauma X-Ray Detector […]

Transformative Diabetes Education at Island Health

Currently, over 38 million people in the United States are diagnosed with diabetes and that number continues to rise both nationally and in your community. In fact, Skagit County’s diabetes prevalence rate is 11%, making it 2% higher than the Washington State average of 9%, meaning that there is a higher prevalence of diabetes and […]

Empowering the Community with Health Education Classes

Class is in session! Donations made in support of the Health Education Program at Island Health are playing a crucial role in promoting community well-being and preventing future health problems by ensuring that health education remains accessible for your community. Health education classes are providing individuals with valuable knowledge about various aspects of health, including […]

Impressive Care for Baby Joanna

“We didn’t anticipate the heart failure,” shares Josh as he remembers the night his two-week old daughter’s life was in jeopardy. At just two weeks old, Baby Joanna began to show signs of distressed breathing. As her lips turned from rosy-pink to blue, parents, Josh and Tina, rushed her to the Emergency Department (ED) at […]

A 38th Anniversary Gone Wrong, but Made Better by Island Health

“I fell off a 20-foot cliff!” shares Greg Kleven. “It was surreal,” his wife Marlene added, “I was at the top yelling down, ‘Can you move your legs?’” Being airlifted with worries of broken bones and internal bleeding was not the 38th anniversary imagined by this local Anacortes couple. “This was the most traumatic experience […]

A Quick-Acting Collaboration: James’ Story

James is an active and healthy man. Before retiring, if James wasn’t at work managing a petroleum plant, you could find him running or exercising. “I’ve been an endurance-type athlete for a long time. I know what my heart is supposed to do and how it’s supposed to feel.” When James woke up one morning, […]

A Quick Trip to the ED Turns into 3 Days in the Hospital: Heather’s Story

A three day hospital stay was not in Heather’s plans. As a business owner and mother, Heather’s life was already busy and full. But when a fever and a rash appeared on Heather’s body, she knew she needed high-quality care close to home. It was the end of October. Heather had a fever and some […]