Impressive Care for Baby Joanna

“We didn’t anticipate the heart failure,” shares Josh as he remembers the night his two-week old daughter’s life was in jeopardy. At just two weeks old, Baby Joanna began to show signs of distressed breathing. As her lips turned from rosy-pink to blue, parents, Josh and Tina, rushed her to the Emergency Department (ED) at […]

A 38th Anniversary Gone Wrong, but Made Better by Island Health

“I fell off a 20-foot cliff!” shares Greg Kleven. “It was surreal,” his wife Marlene added, “I was at the top yelling down, ‘Can you move your legs?’” Being airlifted with worries of broken bones and internal bleeding was not the 38th anniversary imagined by this local Anacortes couple. “This was the most traumatic experience […]

A Quick-Acting Collaboration: James’ Story

James is an active and healthy man. Before retiring, if James wasn’t at work managing a petroleum plant, you could find him running or exercising. “I’ve been an endurance-type athlete for a long time. I know what my heart is supposed to do and how it’s supposed to feel.” When James woke up one morning, […]

A Quick Trip to the ED Turns into 3 Days in the Hospital: Heather’s Story

A three day hospital stay was not in Heather’s plans. As a business owner and mother, Heather’s life was already busy and full. But when a fever and a rash appeared on Heather’s body, she knew she needed high-quality care close to home. It was the end of October. Heather had a fever and some […]

Mental Health Intervention Program Receives Community Leadership Award

You are providing award-winning mental health support to students in your community! The Mental Health Intervention in the Schools Program has been recognized by the Washington Association of School Administrators and awarded the Community Leadership Award in recognition of outstanding community leadership and contributions to the improvement of public education. This award demonstrates the power […]

Started & Sustained: Cardiopulmonary Rehab

From its inception in 2003, philanthropy has played a significant role in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation care at Island Health.  Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation assists patients as they work to rebuild or improve their cardiac and/or respiratory function following a major health event, like a heart attack or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease diagnosis. Through education, structured exercise and […]

45 Years of Community Impact

Forty-five years ago, courageous neighbors envisioned how philanthropy could ensure they, their loved ones and visitors to the area had access to healthcare. This brave group of bankers, local business owners, homemakers and doctors dreamed, planned, and organized. They formed the first Board of Directors comprised of: Kathleen Bartlett Geraldine Birkes Thomas Brooks S.A. John […]

The Foundation Gives 2023 Philanthropy Awards

The Philanthropy Award was initially created in 2018 to publicly recognize Jerry and Jan Barto for their extraordinary giving year after year, as well as honor their transformative commitment to the patients and programs of Island Health. At the center of this award, is an effort to recognize monetary donations of an unprecedented scope from […]

Supporting Diagnostic Technologies Saves Lives: The Story of Jay Saxon

Following his fall, Saxon recalls strange things began to happen. He was experiencing difficulty walking and even fell at his desk after standing up. Concerned, he made a follow up appointment with his primary care physician, Dr. Stephen Horras, who ordered a CT scan of Saxon’s brain. Upon receiving the results, Dr. Horras urgently called […]